All drivers must transport kids in proper seats

Children must be in an approved child car seat or booster seat until the age of 8 or until they exceed 36 kilograms in weight or reach a height of 145 centimetres.

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Q Does Ontario’s new booster seat regulations apply just to the parents’ vehicles or to any car that youngsters are riding in?


Cheryl McMurter, Newmarket



A The provincial Highway Traffic Act now requires all drivers, including grandparents and babysitters, to use child car seats or boosters when transporting young children.

Booster seats are required for children who have outgrown infant/toddler seats, but are still too small to use adult seatbelts.

Children must be in an approved child car seat or booster seat until the age of 8 or until they exceed 36 kilograms in weight or reach a height of 145 centimetres.

The penalty for failing to use child car seats or boosters, or using them incorrectly, is two demerit points and a $110 fine.

Taxis, public vehicles, buses, emergency vehicles, vehicles on short-term lease (i.e., daily/weekly rentals) and those from other jurisdictions are exempt from the new regulations, notes Transportation Ministry spokesman Bob Nichols.

Misleading car wash prices

Eric Lai writes:

The in-station signage for a recent Petro-Canada car wash special struck me as misleading.

It stated: “Buy three car washes, get one free. Pay only $7.49 per wash.” (Taxes were extra.)

It added “Pre-paid gift card users receive an additional $1 off per wash. Pay only $6.49 per wash.”

I took it to mean I’d get three washes for $7.49 each, plus a free one.

But what it actually meant was that your three paid washes cost $7.49 each — and so did your free one.

After discovering this, I only completed the purchase to avoid the wrath of customers in line behind me.

The sign should have stated that if you buy three washes at the regular price of $9.99 each, you’ll get a fourth one free, which works out to $7.49 a wash.

When using a pre-paid gift card, the additional $1 a wash discount only applies to the three you pay for, not the fourth free one.

So each wash works out to $6.74, not $6.49, as the sign says.

Customer concerns can be addressed to Petro-Canada at 416-730-2121 or 1-800-668-0220.

Petro-Canada spokesman Jon Hamilton replies:

We strive to create a positive experience for our customers.

We agree that the price on the sign you saw should have been shown as $6.74, not $6.49.

It appears that the retailer in question entered incorrect information for the sign.

We have reviewed the process with our retailers and have removed the signs.

We believe that a customer would take the price of three washes and divide it by four (giving $7.49), because that is how many washes they would receive, so we don’t see this as “misleading.”

Any signage we develop in the future will not only be easy to use by the retailer, but will provide greater clarity around the calculation of the deal.

If you still feel that you did not receive value for your money, I am happy to reimburse you for the car washes. (Lai accepted the offer—Ed.)

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

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