Insider Report: Man films police officer who's giving him a ticket

NYC man makes a movie after getting a ticket for riding a bike, not in a bike lane

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Usually even the most viral of videos go semi dormant after running their course on the web. Every now and then, something kick starts interest in an old video and the views start climbing again. This video from 2011 has had renewed interest over the past couple of days, so I thought it was worth sharing. It has a staggering 7 million plus views so far!

New Yorker, Casey Neistat, received a ticket from a member of the NYPD for riding a bicycle outside of a bike lane. A ticket for $50! His argument that the bike lane isn’t always the safest place to ride fell on deaf ears, so he set out to make the local constabulary look a bit silly. He succeeded.

Stepping onto my soap box for a minute, I will say that while this video is quite funny and proves a valid point, I cringe every time I see him “prove a point”. Wear a helmet folks!


With all the mess regarding sport bikes in NYC this week, one might think that we will stop seeing bike videos for the next little while. This video however was posted a few days before the NYC biker vs Range Rover brouhaha, although it isn’t much more sane.

bike lane

While travelling on a public road somewhere with palm trees, this rider pops a huge wheelie, while riding with a passenger. To make the act more challenging, his passenger lays down on the bike so that they are imitating what can most politely be called a sex act. To succeed, there is no question that the rider is very talented and both participants are rather limber, but this is not the sort of riding that should be taking place on the street.


Watch and engine blow during a tug of war
One of the challenges to embracing any hobby is understanding some of the lingo that long time participants throw around, without explanation. There are few hobbies that have the potential to be as confusing as cars. Take the acronym LSD as an example. The term stands for Limited Slip Differential in gearhead speak, but means something totally different in the rock & roll world. Blowing an engine is another one of those. I have heard people say “I blew my engine” when something entirely more simple happened.


Rather than getting technical, this is what happens (to varying degrees) when an engine blows. Oil leaks, flames, pieces on the ground.


Nismo Z takes on Wingsuit flyer
I was on the launch of the 370Z Nismo in California a few years ago. It was the first time I had driven on the Pacific Coast Highway. Safe to say then that I have a bit of a soft spot for Nissan’s hardest Zed-car. I am also somewhat addicted to the antics of an infamous wingsuit flyer named Jeb Corliss. Combine the two and you have my interest.

bike lane

Nissan took a page out of the Top Gear book of plays to create their latest marketing video, pitting a dude in a wingsuit (not Corliss) against a 370Z Nismo for a race down a mountain, while they monitor respiratory stats. The outcome is unlikely, but the video is still pretty cool. It is worth noting that the driver is one of the winners of the GT Academy contest, a guy who went from being a game geek in his Mom’s basement to being a professional racer in just a few months thanks to Nissan.

You might also want to watch the behind the scenes video.


15 Seconds With: 2014 Range Rover

bike lane
High end luxury vehicles often have this feeling that the occupants should be listening to opera or some sort of classical music. While those sounds would feel right at home in the Range Rover, the vehicle’s off road heritage and capability seem to lend it to something with a little more edge. This afternoon, that was the Beastie Boys.

Intergalactic indeed!

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