• 1992 Dodge Viper

34-Mile 1992 Viper Up for Sale

The 100th Viper produced, it has a buy it now price of just under US $100,000.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 3, 2019

When Dodge’s Viper was introduced in 1992, the 400 hp V10-powered car was considered a bit of a monster. An electronics-free handful to drive that was ready to strike at any time.

The original Dodge Viper was a celebration for the company. From rags to riches, the company had excelled in the later part of the 1980s. K-Cars, minivans, and turbos where you would least expect them were flying off of dealer lots and the company was riding high.

How else could you explain this monster? A hood that was long enough to have its own postal code. Three spoke wheels that looked ready to saw your leg off. Exhaust pipes that really were ready to cook your leg should you let bare flesh get anywhere near the door sills.

The 8.0L V10 and its 400 hp with 465 lb-ft of torque driving a six-speed manual seemed like a rocket ship. A vehicle that could only possibly exist for a brief period of time. Like the execs at Chrysler had accidentally signed off on the wrong piece of paper. At any moment, they might notice their mistake, and then the car would be gone again. Lost in time, like tears in rain.

1992 Dodge Viper

1992 Dodge Viper

1992 Dodge Viper

It’s enough to buy the first one you could get and then put it in a barn. Locked away for when cars like this are just a distant memory. There was no way to know in 1992 that the Viper would live, love, and grow meaner for another 25 years.

Maybe that’s how this car ended up with just 34 miles (55 km) on the odometer 27 long years after it was built.

The CarFax might be the most boring one that’s ever been printed for a car this old. First registered in New Jersey in January of 1993, it already had 27 miles on it. Seven years later, the car moved to Alaska with 30. And that’s pretty much it.

This is about as original as a car from 1992 could possibly be. It still has the window sticker on the front glass. A tape deck that looks never to have taped. The seller says that it was stored in a climate controlled garage, but that it was still started regularly. And that the original Michelin tires aren’t flat-spotted.

The car is up for sale now at a dealer in California. Just the 100th Viper produced, it has a buy it now price of just under US $100,000.

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