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28-year-old Chinese farmer builds his own Lambo

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Like many young enthusiasts, a 28-year-old man in Jiangsu province, China, wanted to own a Lamborghini Reventon. Costing somewhere near a million and a half bucks would be challenge enough for most, but there are also only about a couple of dozen of these ultra rare machines in existence. So, Wang Jian did what any industrious son of a farmer would do: He built his own!

Using a VW floorpan and powered by a Nissan farm equipment engine, Jian then hand-built a body that, while rough, certainly bears a resemblance to the angular Lambo. The entire project cost the fabricator about $10,000. Local authorities would prefer that Jian keeps his contraption off the street, so he uses it mostly to move fertilizer at his parent’s farm.

While Jian’s Lambo may look somewhat rough around the edges, don’t ever forget that guys like Hennessey and Shelby started out by mixing and matching parts to build their own creations. Don’t be surprised if one day, with a bit of a cash injection, we see a Jian Supercar being built in China!

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  • 28-year-old Chinese farmer builds his own Lambo

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