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2020 Nissan Titan to Bow this Month in Texas

Will be unveiled at the State Fair of Texas on September 26th.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy September 20, 2019
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Nissan is getting set to introduce a revised version of its Titan pickup truck later this month. Set for a yee-haw debut at the State Fair of Texas, Nissan promises a “new 2020 Titan pickup with a bold design”. In typical marketing flair, the company released a shadowy teaser image to go along with a quick 17-second video showing some front-end detail of the truck that’ll appear in the Lone Star state.

Predictably, the teaser image reveals little, save for a mysterious set of headlights flanking a large grille. Those peepers are different in nature than those found on the current Titan, bearing a more distinct light signature and a bit of LED mascara. Brightening the picture with photo editing software revealed a slightly restyled bumper cover and recovery hooks. It seems as if the T I T A N billboard will continue to be hammered into the grille’s leading edge for the 2020 model year.

Other details released by the company? News that there will be a first-of-its-kind “hot” Nissan badge with lava red accents featured on the off-road-ready Pro-4X model. No word on if it will be an illuminated badge in the style of the accessory bowties offered by Chevy or if it is simply a Nissan badge with orange lettering.

According to reports surfacing about a month ago, Nissan is paring back the Titan line, ditching the Titan XD Cummins diesel engine, a truck whose production is scheduled to end in December of this year. The regular cab non-XD Titan will also be deep-sixed in a concerted effort to concentrate on the more popular (and profitable) King and Crew Cab models. It is suggested that the gas-powered Titan XD will live on, at least for now.

Titan sales are off by about a third in Canada through the first six months of this year, down to 1959 units from a high of 3089 trucks finding new owners during the same spell on 2018. To put that in perspective, Ford sold 86,432 F-150 pickups in that amount of time.

Fresh fasciae and new infotainment systems would go a long way to helping the Titan retain its current market share. Your author keeps petitioning Nissan to build the Warrior concept truck it has been displaying on the auto show circuit but that remains a pipe dream for now. Stouter off-road kit for the Pro-4X isn’t out of the question, though, especially with the likes of Ford and Chevy offering lift and levelling kits right from a manufacturer catalogue.

The redesigned 2020 Nissan Titan will be unveiled at the State Fair of Texas on September 26th, with live coverage of the event on Nissan’s social media channels.