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$1.7 million Aston Martin One-77 trashed in Hong Kong

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

According to Schmee150’s Aston Martin One-77 Registry, just 53 of the British supercars have been built, plus seven development mules.

Combine the limited numbers with the roughly $1.7 Million CAD price tag, reading about one being destroyed is a bit depressing.

Then again, if one can afford a ride worth a million and a half then perhaps crashing it a week after purchase isn’t such a big deal.

This destroyed Aston Martin One-77 is reportedly registered in Shenzhen, China, although the destruction seems to have happened in Hong Kong.

Why is it that a car company will sell someone a car with that much power, worth that much money, and not make sure they have taken some high performance driving lessons?

Video: The Aston Martin One-77 visits the Toronto auto show

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