`Art car' buffs drive own road

Emily Duffy's Honda Odyssey is festooned with 250 bras glued into the shape of a giant bra atop the minivan's bright pink hood.


Second-Hand: Subaru Legacy

Regular Wheels readers may remember the saga of Walter Braeckow, who owned a broken Volkswagen Vanagon.


Memorabilia for your bookshelves

I own a lot of books, a veritable library of all things auto racing. In fact, every time I walk into the Library Room at Canadian racing driver Scott Maxwell's Mini Grid store, I swear I'm looking at


Historic motorsport show moves

Europe's premier motor show for historic motorsport will still be at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry, but with a new date: March 23-25, 2007.


Honda hosts Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey team's home arena has a new name: the Honda Center.


Name Game

Is it a crossover, a tall wagon or a car-like SUV?


Wartime auto history preserved in Oshawa

Tacked to the wall above the equipment in the back of the World War II-vintage radio truck is that traditional icon of a soldier's personal space: an 8-by-10 pin-up photo of a glamorous Hollywood film


Family cars with fun

So, you've had your fun and now you're paying the price. The Mustang/Mini/Miata/(insert-your-choice-here) of your carefree, childfree youth is history. Life as you drove it is sooo over.

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Second-hand: Mazda MPV

Auto enthusiasts turn up their noses at minivans in much the same way cats do at a generic brand tuna dinner. Shame, really.