This Emergency Preparedness Kit Will Save Your Life This Winter

Your how-to guide on creating an emergency preparedness kit

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Nov 20, 2014 3 min. read

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Creating an emergency preparedness kit for your car is the last crucial step to ensure you?re ready to drive this winter. We all know that Canadian winters mean snow-covered roads, patches of ice and inclement weather that can restrict visibility. If your vehicle careens off an icy road this winter, are you prepared? This survival kit will provide everything you need to get through the unpleasant experience.

Car in snow bank needs an emergency preparedness kit

The Basics

Here are a few items that should be part of your year round emergency preparedness kit: booster cables, cell phone and charger, washer fluid, flashlight and first aid kit. Make sure you have a set of fresh batteries for the flashlight and that the first aid kit has a seatbelt cutter.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Snow and ice trio: snow brush, scraper and shovel

You want to see and be seen if you?re stuck on the side of the road while it?s snowing. The snow brush and scraper will help you with that, pushing aside snow that?s piling up on your car and scraping away any ice that?s forming. And if you?re stuck, a fold-up snow shovel can help dig you out of a disastrous situation. Check that it?s safe to exit your vehicle before you start shoveling.

Sand, salt or kitty litter

Any of these three items can be used to create traction on icy roads, turning a sure disaster into a quick road stop. Think of it as a first aid for your tires fighting through deep snow or ice. Just sprinkle some along the path of your wheels. If you opt for kitty litter, get the non-clumping type.

Food and water

It?s impossible to know just how long you may be stranded for, which is why food and water are essentials for your emergency preparedness kit. Obviously, food that won?t spoil is ideal to pack?think energy and protein bars, dried fruits and nuts, and Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE), which is an invention of the U.S. Military that you can buy online.

Clothes, blanket and a candle

Extra clothes and a blanket are a must. Depending on your emergency, you may need to get out of your car to shovel or get better cell phone reception. This could lead to wet clothes, which you don?t want to be wearing for longer than you need to. A blanket, or two, will help keep you warm. And a deep candle, with a set of matches, in a container will maintain a safe interior temperature?it can be the life-saving item in your survival kit.?

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