Must-Have Pickup Truck Accessories Guide

Pickup trucks continue to be a popular choice for Canadians. Whether for work or for play, these versatile vehicles play an important role in many of our lives. It makes sense then that pickup truck accessories are such a prominent topic when talking about pickup trucks.

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Jun 16, 2015 4 min. read

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Accessories to Protect Your Pickup Truck

No matter if it’s for business or for pleasure, a vehicle is an investment. Whether you plan to keep your truck for a long time or sell it after a couple of years, certain accessories are designed to protect your asset so that you can get the most use and resale value out of it.

Seat covers, tonneau (or truck bed) covers, wheel locks, hood deflectors, truck covers and security systems are all examples of accessories designed to protect your pickup truck. In some cases they add not only protection, but also boost functionality.

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Tonneau covers, for example, protect the back of your truck from damage and also create a safe place to store valuables. Wheel locks and audible security systems are two ways to prevent would-be thieves from making off with all or part of your truck.

Practical Pickup Truck Accessories

Many Canadians drive pickups for their practicality. Pickups can be used to tow large loads such as a boat to the cottage or as an essential part of your business.

If you’re more of a practical pickup truck owner, you’ll want to look for accessories that add functionality to your truck in addition to the protective accessories listed above. A truck tool box or truck cap (canopy) will make your vehicle more practical, particularly if you use it for your job. Side step bars are a popular accessory for pickup truck owners as they can make climbing into and out of the truck easier, especially if the truck has been lifted.

Head (truck or ladder) racks help you to carry larger items like ladders and longer loads. They can also help to secure shifting cargo and/or enable you to mount almost any type of light or accessory to your pickup. These racks also protect your rear cab window from damage which can be important if you use the truck bed to carry equipment on a job site for example.

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Make Your Truck a Home

Sometimes accessories aren’t just about protection and practically, they can serve a completely different function. Truck campers turn your pickup into a home on wheels. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to truck campers.

Once you have your new truck camper installed, you’ll need inspiration for a weekend getaway or cross country roadtrip. Wheels.ca road trip page has a multitude of ideas for beautiful places to explore, no matter where in Canada you call home.
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Advice from the Pros

So which pickup truck accessories are most popular? According to Dave Stanley—owner of a popular local dealership—the most popular pickup truck accessories he sees in his dealership are tonneau covers, box liners, splash guards, sidesteps, trailer hitches, side window visors and hood deflectors.

He added getting accessories directly from the dealership means a proper fit and in some cases up to a 4 year, 80,000km warranty if installed prior to the new customer getting the vehicle.
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Stanley said tonneau covers are great for keeping snow off the box of the truck and protecting valuables. Splash guards (mud flaps) are a good idea to minimize the salt spray during the winter months and keep mud off during the warm months. He also suggested that anyone even remotely thinking they may use their pickup to tow should have a hitch and/or brake controller factory installed.

Aftermarket Parts

Some other options to consider if you want to shop around for pickup truck accessories are aftermarket parts. These products are made by companies other than the original manufacturer of the vehicle.

If you’re thinking of going this route, it’s always important to ask about warranty and do some research in terms of quality and reputation.

Do you own a pickup truck? What are some of the must-have accessories you have on your vehicle? What advice would you share with Canadian pickup truck owners based on your experience?
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