Insider Report: How to put out a truck fire, Canadian-style

Both drivers escaped unharmed, but the fire was extinguished in a rather unique but timely fashion.

By Gary Grant Wheels.ca

Aug 12, 2013 3 min. read

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Extinguishing a truck fire, Canadian style!
There are few stretches of road anywhere that are as remote as the Trans-Labrador (Canada) Highway. That means that first responders can take a very long time to attend an incident on the road. Recently, there was a collision between a tractor trailer and a road grader, which resulted in the truck catching fire. Both drivers escaped unharmed, but the fire was extinguished in a rather unique but timely fashion. Fortunately for the rest of us, Shawn Noseworthy thought to grab a video of the water bomber doing its thing with his phone.

Watch an upside down race car in action
One of the greatest things about the modern "crapcan" forms of motorsport is that competitors are expected to have fun. The racing is serious, but fun and creativity are the order of the day. When a guy who goes by the handle of Speedycop showed up at New Jersey Motorsports Park with a secret car in his trailer, there was lots of interest in the paddock for the 24 Hours of LeMons. The secret? It was an upside down Camaro, built on a Ford Festiva!

River crossing like a boss!
While most urbanites dread (and rightly so) the thought of driving through deep water, hard core off road enthusiasts actually look forward to river crossings. While I have done a few crossings over the years, they have been no more than a metre deep and have had very little current. The water crossing in the video below is nothing short of insane.

The Toyota driver noses down into a deep, fast moving river and then uses the current to direct the floating rear end of his truck so that his front wheels could drag the truck towards the trail on the other side.

Do NOT try this yourself, this guy is really experienced!

Launch Control - Episode 9: "Small Victories"
In the latest edition of Subaru's Launch Control, the Canadian team of Formula Photographic follows the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team as they arrive back in North America for an event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The European leg of the Global Rallycross proved to be more than challenging for the team, so they are looking to improve their performance at home.

Red Bull displays the Art of the Pit Stop
Pit crew members rehearse their dance moves much the same was as a ballerina and train like a top flight athlete. Their elegant job takes just seconds and can make or break the race result. The folks at Red Bull shot one of these practice sessions in slow motion to show off the beauty. Be sure to go full screen and turn up the volume!

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