Oblivion ‘80s and ‘90s Car Show returns to Toronto

Cars, boom boxes, and arcade games.

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Feb 17, 2023 2 min. read

Article was updated 10 months ago

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Need your sweet, sweet '80s and '90s nostalgia but can't wait for the summer? Oblivion is at the AutoShow, and they've got your back. Party on, Toronto.

Oblivion is the first car show in Canada dedicated to '80s and '90s cars as well as everything to do with the tech and pop culture of the era. Like those '60s car shows your dad (or grandma) loves but you think are totally cringe, but, you know, better.

The show came back last August after the pandemic, and this month they're returning to the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto with a booth of cars, cool toys, and even a retro arcade with consoles and vintage PC gaming.

Oblivion car show

Oblivion is set up in the South building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Look for the Lego Lamborghini on the 700 level and then take a right.

There are eight cars set up in the car and culture show including a sweet yellow Plymouth Prowler, a minty EF Honda Civic Hatch, a DeLorean DMC time machine, and a 1980s concept car we've never even seen before. I'm not gonna spoil it and show it you here.

Look past the cars and you'll see loads of cool retro toys. A talking Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch Kids, and more. There is a display of awesome boom boxes too. Crank that EQ and let the dual-cassette decks spin.

Once you're done drooling, head back to the arcade. It's unlimited play for a small fee, and there are console games including Spy Hunter, Terminator 2, Punch Out, and loads more. A long table full of antique PCs will let you play other classics like Lemmings and Need for Speed.

Admission to the Oblivion room (but not the arcade) is included with admission to the AutShow. Just look for the pastel graphics. The Canadian International Auto Show runs February 17-26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.




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