Eye Candy: 1950 Mack truck

Now this is some seriously heavy metal.

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Jul 20, 2013 2 min. read

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The Vehicle: 1950 Mack model LJSW

The Owner: John MacFarlane, Oakville

The Story:  John MacFarlane of Oakville sent us these photos of his beautiful 1950 Mack model LJSW. It's in mint condition and for antique vehicle enthusiasts, it is eye candy of the most luxurious variety. MacFarlane says the truck is considered rare and was owned by the U.S. federal government for 30 years before being sold at auction in Colorado, where it spent most of its working life. John bought it four years ago and says he simply sandblasted, painted and did some fine detail work, but that was all it needed.

"When the price of scrap steel gets above $300 a ton, many of these old trucks are scrapped and shipped to China, so these trucks and parts are very, very rare," he says. "This truck is a true original survivor."

1950 Mack model LJSW

1950 Mack model LJSW

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