• Review 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric

2021 Hyundai Kona Electric Preferred: A Vehicle that Charged Her Up  

Road-loving retiree said goodbye to gas and hello to an electric vehicle

Avatar By: Liz Beddall May 9, 2021

A long-time lover of the look, feel and sound of classic cars, recently retired graphic designer Ruth Davies found herself falling in love with a vehicle that’s anything but vintage.

Having spent 30 years racing back and forth from downtown Toronto to her job in Mississauga, Davies wanted to celebrate her new pace of life with a car that was a little less about speed and a little more about “spectacular.”

With her seven-year-old rescue puppy, Jesse, as her constant companion, she set out to find a brand-new vehicle, but worried that her decision to move away from standard transmission would result in a more mundane drive no matter what the car might turn out to be.

It was then as fate – and a suggestion from her sister – would have it, that Davies discovered the 2021 Kona Electric at Mississauga Hyundai last September. She had an automatic change of heart. She tells us why she loves about her 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric Preferred.

“I had driven the Subaru Forester for about 11 years and really enjoyed it, but one day the engine light came on and I knew it was on its way out,” said Davies. “It was my sister who, around that time, asked if I had ever thought of electric cars. She had bought one and really loved it. I hadn’t been against them, but they were expensive, so I wasn’t sure.

Review 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric

“I finally thought, ‘Why not go out and test drive one of these things?’ I was very prepared to think it would look like a sedan — one of those rocket-looking cars — and that it would be a disappointment. I got to the Hyundai dealership and the salesperson told me to take the Kona for a spin. I certainly thought the car looked cool, but when I got in and asked how to turn it on, and the guy said it was already running, that’s when I started to get really impressed. It was silent.”

“I took it out and it was really responsive — the pickup was amazing. I mean you just touch it and it just moved seamlessly, faster and faster,” said Davies. “I thought, ‘This car is so cute and quiet and fun; maybe I should just go for it’. Amazingly I made the deal that very day.

“The car is strictly for pleasure and I’m still in that new car phase where I don’t want to get it too dirty. I’m retired so I don’t have to do a lot of hauling or have family members to drive around. When the world opens-up again, I hope to drive it to go play pickleball and to my daily lane swimming. For now, I satisfy that urge to drive by going to different parks and pathways to walk my dog,” said Davies. “But truly, I can’t wait for more reasons to get back on the road — I get a thrill driving this car every time I turn it on and go.”


Review 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric



“My car can go for 415 km on a single charge,” said Davies of her new 2021 Kona Electric, which also boasts the ability to accelerate from zero too 100 kilometers in 7.6 seconds. “Not only that, but sometimes when I’m driving this little notice comes up that says, ‘Do you need a coffee break?’ It’s a means to say that you’re veering off the lines a little bit. It’s like a little co-pilot that’s helping you out on those longer drives. It’s really quite amazing.”


“Since switching to electric I’ve discovered that the charging stations are really everywhere and they’re free to use,” said Davies, whose Kona Electric comes equipped with a charging port located in the front grille. “They’re in hospital parking lots and coffee places like Tim Hortons. My car can also tell me we’re the closest charging station is from my current location, plus it came with a charger so that the car that can be hooked up to my household outlet overnight.”


“I love that this car has Bluetooth connectivity,” said Davies, whose choice of music or audio is amplified within the Kona by its Infinity audio system and eight strategically placed internal speakers. “When I get into the car my cell phone automatically connects and if I’m making a call to my sister, it’s just super clear, as if she’s right there. Since I’ve loaded some music now, it connects my music from my phone automatically and picks up whatever I was playing before.”

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2021 Hyundai Kona Electric Preferred

MOTOR: 150kW Electric motor with 64kWh lithium-ion polymer high-voltage battery
CARGO CAPACITY: 544 litres behind 2nd row seats
PRICE: Starting from $44,999
WEBSITE: Hyundaicanada.com