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2021 Chevrolet Colorado: Reeling in a keeper

Outdoorsy tells us why the Colorado was his catch in a sea of options

Avatar By: Liz Beddall June 23, 2021

No two days look the same for 36-year-old Ivan Payne. The father, husband, busy contractor and avid outdoorsman is used to greeting every new opportunity and adventure with confidence, and he needed a vehicle that would do the same. The Carleton Village resident’s greatest love, beyond his family, is fishing — a passion he hopes to instill in his two-year-old son, Ronan, on frequent trips to Huntsville, North Bay and the French River. While there were plenty of options in this vehicle-hunter’s sea, Payne tells is why the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 was the perfect catch for his pick-up-and-go lifestyle.

Chevrolet Colorado

First Person: “I previously had a Toyota Tacoma, and it had a very small back seat,” said Payne, who purchased his 2021 Colorado from Bill Spencer Chevrolet Ltd. in Cobourg, Ont. “Once my wife, Claire, was expecting, we moved to an SUV, a used Toyota 4Runner, and that was a great vehicle, but it started to feel a bit unreliable, so I decided I wanted to get a newer vehicle.
“When I was looking around, I had a few things to consider — I needed room for my work tools and materials, but it also had to have seating for my son and my wife and the ability for us to do smaller-scale errands like groceries around town. We also wanted a solid vehicle for going fishing and camping as a family.

“My last three vehicles were Toyota trucks, so I originally was going to stick with that, but the back seat of the Toyota Tacoma was just too small and that’s what led me to the Chevy Colorado. It comes with an off-roading recreation package and has bigger tires, and it’s just a nicer looking vehicle than some of the other models I’ve seen.

“I took it on some unmaintained roads this weekend. The road was full of giant holes filled with water and mud and it just breezed right through that with no problems. I’m super confident to take it on the logging roads or any back roads, or even off-roading. It comes fully set up for all those kinds of adventures,” said Payne.

“In the end though, having enough room for my son is probably the biggest plus. Child seats take up a huge amount of room in any vehicle, so just having enough space to get him in while not having to purchase a giant truck is a big win. Plus, it just looks like it’s ready to go anywhere, anytime and I love that.”

Chevrolet Colorado


A CLOSER LOOK: 2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2


“The Colorado ZR2 is one of few vehicles that’s ready from the factory to go off-roading,” said Payne. “It’s got front and rear electronic locking differentials, a two-inch factory-installed lift, better tires, tow hooks, and all kinds of off-road ready features. So, there’s no need to add on all those after-market stuff.” Tack onto that list the Colorado ZR2’s Multimatic shocks, skid plates and rock sliders and you’ve got a vehicle that is ready and willing to take on whatever the road brings.

Driving options
“The Colorado ZR2 has selectable drive modes, so I can keep it in two-wheel-drive to save gas most of the time, and then put it into four-wheel-drive, when necessary,” said Payne. This next-level adventure machine also offers drivers three options of engines, as well as dozens of adventure-specific accessories. “They also added a new front grill on the 2021 model. I love the way it looks — everyone describes this truck as having an ‘aggressive look,’ and I think that’s the best way to put it.”

Four seasons

“My old truck had heated seats, but I must say the heated steering wheel is a great upgrade when you fire it up in the morning (in winter),” said Payne. “Also, the Colorado ZR2 has a remote start feature, which is another killer seasonal addition. You can get it started five to 10 mins ahead of time and get it nice and toasty inside before you get in in the winter. And, in the summer, you can get the AC going just to take that edge off when you get in.”

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