1996 Jaguar XJ-series

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More so than perhaps any other manufacturer, Jaguar stresses

its history.

The firm's new models, the revamped XJ sedans, hearken back

directly, not to their predecessors, the original XJ40, but to

the Series III that came before.

The new cars feature round quad headlights, revised engines

and upgraded interiors. Improved quality is a long standing

Jaguar promise, but progress really has been made.

Also offered is the first supercharged Jaguar ever, the potent

XJR. Fast rather than quick, it is still refined and


Also on the stand, to reinforce the historical connection,

will be a compact Series II sedan from the mid-1960s. This

charming, pretty, fast and great-handling car is on just about

everybody's all-time favorite list.

The Series II not only points to where Jaguar has been, but to

where it's going.

It may be 1998 before we see a production version of Jaguar's

new BMW 5-series fighter, as even Jaguar executives call the new

car, but artists' speculations are already appearing in European

auto magazines.

The new car will likely be based on a Ford North America

rear-drive platform. But since that project is being run by

Jaguar's former director of engineering, the new Jaglet should

be worthy of the leaping Jaguar emblem.

Can't wait.

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