Dan Heyman
Dan Heyman
For over half a decade, Dan Heyman has written professionally about cars and car culture, specializing in luxury/performance vehicles, 4 x 4s and pickup trucks, with a micro city car or two thrown in for good measure. If he's not striking a spacebar, he's likely out photographing cars on the twists and turns of the Coast Mountain roads outside his hometown of Vancouver, BC, or cutting a line on a racetrack.
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Review: 2020 BMW X6 M50i

Slotting between the somewhat bonkers X6M and somewhat “lowlier” X6 XDrive40i, this less powerful-more powerful X6 is still a certified maniac on the power front

The Mach 1 is Back

More concrete information about the next re-birth of a Mustang legend will be available in the coming weeks.