A "sporty" Corolla? That's a surprise

<p>Jim Kenzie welcomes a new used car to the family: A 2005 Corolla XRS four-door sedan — the "sporty" version. Here's what he thinks of the car.</p>


Window glass sparks Corolla, Matrix recall

Toyota Motor Corp. will recall about 539,500 Corolla and Matrix vehicles sold in the United States due to defects in window glass, the Japanese automaker said Wednesday.


Second-Hand: Toyota Corolla

It's been said that Toyota created the upscale Lexus brand to reward all the Corolla owners for their loyalty and persistent penny-pinching over the years.


2009 Toyota Corolla and Matrix

So while Toyota calls the Corolla and its sibling Matrix "all-new," there's a lot that's still familiar. It's more of an evolution, with stronger styling, more powerful engin


Canadians love the Corolla

Ask a Canadian why they love their Toyota Corolla, and they'll tell you it is dependable, affordable, and fuel-efficient.