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Video: Here’s how not to drive in snow

Published January 19, 2012


Mother Nature sure has a way of poking fun at those ill-equipped to deal with winter’s wrath.

Take Seattle, for example. On average, this West Coast city only gets about 13 inches of snow a year. So when two inches of the white stuff fell earlier this week and didn’t melt away, that naturally took many ill-prepared drivers by surprise.

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With no winter tires, or winter driving experience, a few motorists in the YouTube video below are left spinning in their wheels. A couple of drivers slip and slide as they try to make their way uphill, but it’s a losing battle.

One motorist even gets out and attempts to attach some chains to the rear wheels of a Toyota Corolla in an attempt to gain some traction.

With the ever-changing climate, maybe it’s time for West Coast drivers to get used to the snow and take some lessons to better prepare themselves.

Via: Jalopnik

Watch the video below: