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Top 10 most viral car ads of 2012


At its worst, advertising can be bland and boring. At its best though, advertising can be good fun and generate millions of views. The massive number of eyeballs means that advertisers spend millions to create ads for the Super Bowl broadcast. The car industry tends to buy up more spots than most others, accounting for seven out of 10 available slots during the 2012 game. Not surprisingly, the Super Bowl spots were among the most watched car ads of 2012, according to Visible Measures.

I know that nobody is moving too quickly this morning, so I thought the Insider Report would welcome in the New Year with a show of the Top Ten most watched car ads of 2012 to help you stay occupied today.

Happy New Year!

#10. What A Hyundai Can Do

True Reach views: 10,525,943

#9. Invisible Mercedes

True Reach: 10,686,043

#8. It’s Reinvented!

True Reach: 11,030,411

#7. Chevy Silverado “2012”

True Reach: 11,253,826

#6. Drive The Dream

True Reach: 11,293,204

#5. Vampire Party

True Reach: 12,039,016

#4. Jerry’s NSX

True Reach: 21,810,905

#3. It’s Halftime in America

True Reach: 23,062,482

#2. Matthew’s Day Off

True Reach: 26,042,359

#1. The Dog Strikes Back

True Reach: 41,252,003

Proving that Star Wars still captures the imaginations of fans and dogs can sell anything, Volkswagen’s ad scored almost as many views as positions 7 to 10 combined!

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