• Top 10 Highlights of the 2017 Nissan Titan and Titan XD

    Nissan's new Titan and Titan XD are more competitive than ever. Here are 10 great things we love about them.
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    Dan Heyman

    Yes, they look similar. Yes, they both have similar names and yes, they both represent an evolution of a design that had remained unchanged since 2003. Even in the truck world, where change comes a little slower than it does in the compact sedan or crossover world, that’s a long time.

    So what have they done with the new Nissan Titan and Titan XD? We made our way to Quebec’s picturesque Charlevoix region to find out.

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    The Titan XD debuted last year with a single engine choice: a 310-horsepower, 555 lb-ft diesel V8. 2017 sees the arrival of a gas V8 engine both for the XD and standard Titan models, which are good for 390 hp and 394 lb-ft of torque. The diesels get a heavy-duty Aisin six-speed auto, the gas engines an all-new Jatco 7-speed number. The latter is very good at disguising the lower torque count put out by the gas motor. A V6 gas motor is also on the way later in 2017.
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    Three cabs…eventually

    For now, your only choice in both XD and Titan form is a crew cab; it’s a roomy one with 1,061 mm of front legroom and 978 mm of rear legroom, and the rear seats can easily be flipped up to reveal hidden storage bins. At that point, a fold out insert makes for a flat load floor good for a 136 kg. load. Soon, a king cab and single cab will arrive.  
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    Cabin comfort

    While the top-spec super-luxury Platinum Reserve models get all manner of fancy leather and open pore wood, the rest of the line-up hasn’t been forgotten. Each truck features 12 cupholders, for example. Both the side and front windows get special laminated glass for reduced wind noise. A/C is standard on the second-lowest SV trim and heated front seats come as standard on the midlevel Pro-4X trim.
    • titan xd box

    Three box lengths…eventually

    Crew cab models can be fitted with either a 5.5- or 6.5-foot box, while king cab models will be limited to the 6.5-footers and single cabs, an 8-footer. All manner of helpful accessories are available, including Nissan utili-track load harnesses, wall-mounted spotlights, and removable Titan Box storage bins.
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    Payload pro

    The arrival of the lighter gas engine means trucks so equipped actually get a higher payload than diesel models; 1,610 kg in the V8 Titan, 1,445 kilos in the XD Diesel. Not that the V8 suffers much when it comes to hauling that weight; an experiment hauling 362 kg. worth of apples (they love their agriculture here) yielded impressive results as the Titan managed to climb and pass with hardly any hesitation.
    • nissan titan xd

    Impressive towing capacity with the XD Diesel

    While the Titan is capable enough in the towing department (it can legally handle 4,259 kg.), the XD Diesel is the star, here, with a 5,440 kg. capacity. We had the opportunity to test this on the hills around the region’s Baie-Saint-Paul village, sitting in a valley surrounded by steep grades. We strapped a trailer and Bobcat front-loader (a 3,175 kg load) to the truck and put it through its paces, which it undertook with nary a complaint.
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    Towing Tech

    While the Nissans may not display quite the tech of ford’s tech-laden Super Duty line of trucks, it hasn’t been totally ignored. The back-up cam, for example, gets a guideline to help you line up your hitch. An engine-braking system is activated with the press of a button, and a digitized trailer brake (that’s a little tough to reach, we must admit) helps you save your truck’s brakes.
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    It can off-road, too

    All Titans are available with a 4WD and locking centre differential, but the Pro-4X trims – you can spec your Titan, your Titan XD or your Titan XD Diesel this way – adds a host of off-road gear. All models get special off-road Bilstein shock-aborbers, chunkier tires, underbody skidplates and the removal of the side steps for more ground clearance. The Titan Pro-4X, meanwhile, gets a 20 mm higher ride height over other Titans.
    • nissan titan xd styling

    Easier on the eyes

    The Titan and Titan XD ride on entirely different frames; it can’t really be seen unless you look closely at the front, where the front bumper sits a little higher on top of the wheels of the XD. It may not seem like much, but when you look at the Titan, the way it sits lower down, looks purposeful, and the XD just looks…awkward. From the side, the biggest giveaway between the XD and Titan models is the XD’s higher hood line, required to fit the taller diesel engine.
  • Pricing

    The Titan starts at $44,650, while XD gas models start at $45,900. $53,400 gets you a diesel in basic S spec, and while pricing for king and single cab models have not yet been announced, expect them to start closer to the $30,000 level when they go on sale later in ’17.