Ford tops safe car list

The insurance industry named dozens of new cars and trucks, led by Ford Motor Co. and its Volvo subsidiary, to its annual list of the safest vehicles Tuesday, helped by the increased use of anti-rollo

Journalists select top cars, trucks

After four days of testing, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada yesterday announced category winners for 2009 Canadian car of the year and utility vehicle of the year.

GM's top 10 bestsellers

In its 100 years in business, General Motors Corp. has sold nearly a half-billion vehicles across the globe. The top sellers as GM approaches its 100th birthday Tuesday:

Canada's Top 10 fuel misers

Each year, Natural Resources Canada announces the winners of its ecoENERGY for Vehicles Awards, which names the most fuel-efficient vehicles for the model year in each vehicle category.

10 easy tips for greener driving

Here are 10 smart habits to help you become a more resourceful driver when it comes to conserving fuel, reducing harmful greenhouse gases and cutting noxious emissions.

10 high-tech auto trailblazers

Luxury cars and advanced technology enjoy a symbiotic relationship that draws early adopters into showrooms. Often well-educated and high-income earners, these buyers represent the brave first wave of

World auto writers pick top cars

Winners of the fourth annual World Car of the Year awards will be announced at the New York International Auto Show on March 20. The winners will be determined by a jury of 47 international journali

10 vehicles honoured for fuel economy

Natural Resources Canada presented its annual awards for the most fuel-efficient vehicles in 10 vehicle classes this week at the Canadian International AutoShow.

10 more ride into motorcycle hall of fame

Two hundred representatives of the Canadian motorcycle industry and community met last weekend in Mississauga to induct 10 new members into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Top five 'green' vehicles for 2007

(Oct 25, 2007) - The year's most environmentally positive vehicles are highlighted in a "Green Car's Top 5," feature by Green Car Journal Online at <a href="http://www.gree

10 billion spark plugs, and counting

(Aug 23, 2007) - The 10-billionth Bosch spark plug has just been produced at the company's Bamberg plant in Germany, making Bosch the world's most prolific manufacturer of spark plugs.

Which road is greenest?

How the automotive industry is tackling energy and environmental issues -- and what we can expect in the future.

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Top used fun-to-drive picks

In an effort to bring road-going joy to the masses, we’ve assembled a list of five easy-to-live-with used sporty cars that deliver a lot of driving entertainment for around $10,000.

Top used commuter car picks

Here are five used, easy-to-keep commuter vehicles that can mollify your petro-card bills and let you continue making payments on that all-brick semi in Vaughan.

Top used fuel sippers

Here are five dependable, cheap-to-keep used cars under $8,000 for people who want to spend their summer kicking it on the beach with their own wheels instead of borrowing dad’s lame-ass Buick.