Gift Guide: Porsche road trip takes cares away

No limit gift

If money were no object, I’d pick a week away from all our cares with my lovely wife, the co-pilot of my dreams. We’d be straight on a plane to Andalusia, Spain for the Porsche Travel Club experience. Six days staying in the best hotels and resorts, all meals planned by the best chefs. Best of all, you drive a preplanned route each day in a new Porsche 911, past stunning seascapes of the Costa del Sol, then inland through the beautiful Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Tasting Tapas in Seville would not be too hard to take, either (4,390 euros per person).

And if we couldn’t take the whole week off from our felines, we’d opt for the four-day Porsche Travel Club trip from Victoria to Tofino and back on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Driving those great curving roads, seeing the massive trees in Cathedral Grove would be a huge thrill, and the West Coast dining at the Wickaninnish Inn is world class. This trip is done in the new Boxster, all the better to look up and see the trees. ($3,450 per person)

$100 and under

My wife would like a remote starter for her ride: As politically incorrect as it is these days, coming out to sit in a cold truck does not promote a great start to the day. Or perhaps a heated massaging seat from CTC, plugged into the ciggie lighter might do the job.

$50 and under

For friends who are autophiles, I would consider a 1/43 scale model of their car. These are available at some car dealers. But the selection will be bigger at specialty shops like Mini Grid, Toronto Motorsports, and Prestige Auto Art, and there are many more. (Price for these little beauties is usually under $50).

  • Gift Guide: Porsche road trip takes cares away