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Your picks for the worst cars of all time


What’s the worst car in history? We asked and you answered, shortly after an article on reported that the gang from Top Gear is determining the world’s worst car. From the Aston Martin Lagonda to the AMC Gremlin, we showcase some of the industry’s ugliest ducklings, as suggested by you.

Here’s what you had to say about your picks for the world’s worst cars:

“My worst car ever? A ’94 Tercel. Horrible little thing. A close second might be my ’88 Corolla. 188,000 kms and I needed a new engine.” – bfd320.

“I’d go with the Ford Pinto. Not only was it ugly, underpowered and unreliable, it also had an annoying habit of exploding.” – Al.

“The mid-1960s Russian Moskvich has to be a strong contender. My girlfriend’s father in England had one — I think it was a 408 but it might have been a 412. Either way, he bought it because it was cheap and someone said he could use spares from a Mark I Cortina. This was a lie. It was like driving a tractor; truly agricultural performance and handling. The gearshift was like a pogo-stick protruding from the floor and about as precise.” – Bill Taylor

“Hands down – Pontiac Sunfire – any year. Mine was a piece of junk from the minute I drove it off the lot and cost me a small fortune. On the other hand, I owned a Dodge Shadow for 15 years….it kept going, and going, and going….” -mp

“My parents owned an AMC Gremlin. Enough said. As a child, I thought it was perfectly normal for car windows to fall down by themselves….” – Skye

“My vote is for the ’76 (or any year) Audi Fox. Needed a major tuneup quarterly, burned through oil, electrics failed, rusted out overnight and on and on. Worst car I’ve ever owned” – toomuchtimeonmyhands

“I think it’s got to be Hyundai Pony…. They were plagued with engine and transmission issues. The ones that lasted longer than 3 years rusted out before they reached 5 years old.” – Miles Harbord

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