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Your Beef: Nissan fuel pump replaced five times. What gives?

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Q: I purchased a used 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE (62,000 km) from a Burlington Nissan dealership in 2008, with extended warranty until Oct. 2009. Since then, I have had five fuel pumps replaced in the vehicle with no permanent resolution in sight.

Nissan Canada will only give a one-year, 20,000 km warranty on the part.

The first fuel pump was replaced under warranty in late 2008, as was the second in July 2009.

We then purchased a dealer extended warranty package in September 2009, for 72-months/160,000 km, with coverage until October 2011.

In October 2009, they again fixed the fuel pump and replaced the IPDM/USM module and controller under warranty.

In March 2011, it was towed to Maple Nissan at night for not starting but the next morning, it started just fine. There was no charge, but no issue was identified.

The fuel pump died a fourth time in November 2011, at 143,000 km. The extended warranty had just expired the month prior. The mechanic spent two hours with head office to figure out why the fuel pump kept failing, but there was no confirmed resolution.

Given the repair history (four fuel pumps), I thought Nissan should take responsibility, but all they offered was 20 per cent off the parts, leaving a total bill of $579, which I paid.

After I contacted Nissan Canada, they refunded this amount and gave me a one-year, 20,000 km warranty if it acted up again.

The fifth fuel pump failure was in September 2012 at 153,000 km. They replaced it but say they can?t figure out what?s causing it and can only offer another one-year, 20,000 km warranty on the part.

I find this unacceptable and want them to find the root cause of the problem, rather than keep throwing fuel pumps at it. I?ve no dispute with the servicing dealerships, but I think Nissan should do more.

The head office adds that I can?t sell the vehicle, unless I lie about its troublesome repair history, and my only option is to have it fixed. This makes me wonder if it had this problem before I bought it, and the selling dealer failed to disclose it.

The main point is this problem occurred three times while under warranty, and then twice more afterward, which means they never fixed the problem while the responsibility was theirs and just let it get worse. I?m sure this will problem will return as it?s never been properly repaired.

A: After much back-and-forth communication, and an extended deadline request from Nissan (which we accommodated since they were actively working to resolve the issue), we received the response below.

Didier Marsaud, senior manager of corporate communications with Nissan Canada, replies:

Thank you for your query.

Nissan Canada has been in contact with the dealership and, through assistance with our technical hotline, Nissan was able to assist the dealer in diagnosing the vehicle, which is now repaired.

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  • Your Beef: Nissan fuel pump replaced five times. What gives?

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