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You want fries with that? Parking prank gets some unusual reactions


Is it his boyish face? Is it his accent? Is it just the innate kindness of Brits?

No explanation is given, but for some reason, no one does what you think they’re going to do (that being put the smackdown on this prankster) when they unwittingly get parking punk’d.

This video (below), by notorious British prankster FFF and featured on CarBuzz, shows the host managing to fool and enrage just about everyone as he carries out his increasingly bizarre parking enforcement act.

He simply goes around clamping people’s cars, bikes, carts, even an elderly woman’s wheelchair, proffering ridiculous “reasons” when challenged. “No more blue cars allowed around here,” he tells one befuddled driver.

A few choice words get bleeped out, a few mild threats are uttered, and one sweet-talker even offers to buy the prankster off with chips and curry sauce. (If only that worked here.)

The video is a study in silliness but also in human nature.You can’t help wondering how you’d react in the same situation.

With files from CarBuzz

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