York Region identifies 20 places for red-light cameras

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Camera-shy motorists be warned.

York Region has moved one step closer to implementing a red-light camera system with the release of a report identifying 20 intersections — from Vaughan to Markham to Georgina — where cameras will be installed this summer. (See full list of locations below)

The report, approved by council Thursday, comes one month after regional councillors approved the camera enforcement program. The four-year pilot project, estimated to cost $3.7 million, is aimed at reducing collisions and improving safety.

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“We hope it will reduce serious injury collisions regionwide,” said Nelson Costa, manager of traffic safety.

Costa said the region sees about 9,000 collisions per year, of which about 1,800 are right-angle (or side-impact) collisions, the most serious type of red-light running collisions, which often result in severe injury or death.

The region decided to move ahead after seeing data from other Ontario municipalities that have red-light cameras, Costa said. In Toronto, for example, fatal and injury collisions have dropped by about 25 per cent at camera sites since the cameras were first installed in 2000.

In addition to Toronto’s 87 cameras, circulated among 114 intersections, red-light camera systems are also operational in Hamilton, Ottawa and the regions of Halton, Peel and Waterloo.

Though rear-end collisions have been known to increase after cameras are first installed (possibly the result of motorists braking fast when they spot the cameras), Costa said he expected those numbers would eventually stabilize as motorists became aware of the system.

He said the region hopes to see its investment in safety pay for itself. In 2010, the fine for running a red light in Ontario was boosted from $180 to $325.

Red light camera locations:

– Wellington Street and Yonge Street in Aurora

– Leslie Street and Green Lane in East Gwillimbury

– Yonge and Green Lane in East Gwillimbury

– The Queensway South and Metro Road/Morton Avenue in Georgina

– King Road and Dufferin Street in King Township

– King and Bathurst Street in King/Richmond Hill

– Kennedy Road and Major Mackenzie Drive in Markham

– Major Mackenzie and McCowan Road in Markham

– Hwy. 7 and Bullock Drive in Markham

– Ninth Line and 16th Avenue in Markham

– Yonge Street Ramp off Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 7 in Markham/Richmond Hill

– Davis Drive and Ashton Road/Carlson Drive in Newmarket

– Davis Drive West and Bathurst Street in Newmarket/King

– Bathurst Street Ramp off Hwy. 7 and Bathurst in Richmond Hill/Vaughan

– Hwy. 27 and Langstaff Road in Vaughan

– Hwy. 7 and Vaughan Valley Boulevard in Vaughan

– Hwy. 7 and Weston Road in Vaughan

– Woodbine Avenue and Bloomington Road in Whitchurch-Stouffville

– Woodbine and Stouffville Road in Whitchurch-Stouffville

– Woodbine and Davis in Whitchurch-Stouffville

  • York Region identifies 20 places for red-light cameras

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