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Why Lamborghini is glad it's Friday

Very bad week involved everything from fireballs to typos

It’s been a rough week for exotic cars. Just days after a Lamborghini Aventador was shorn in two in a Brooklyn collision, its predecessor suffered a similar fate and burst into flames on the Autobahn, CarBuzz reports.

The incident took place not far from the Nurburgring, where the Lamborghini Super Trofeo had just been held.

Photographers PV-Leuven of Auto Gespot noticed a trio of Lambos on the Autobahn and immediately got the cameras out to record the visual. Minutes later, one of the cars in the trio, a custom Murcielago roadster, burst into flames. (Although the photographers probably saw that coming; it’s sort of what Murcielagos do.)

Within seconds, it was engulfed in a fireball and burned to a husk before firefighters could rescue it.  RIP, sweet Lambo.

Here, in case you missed your morning cup of schadenfreude, are the links to the other unfortunate events that made up Lamborghini’s very bad week: