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When it comes to drawing Santa's car ... the kids are all right


We all know Santa Claus rides his sleigh packed with toys and powered by nine reindeer at Christmas, but what kind of car does the jolly St. Nick drive the rest of the year?

The Wheels crew pondered this question for weeks leading up to the festive season. But it was decided that we could use some professional help, and who would know better than the youngsters who know Santa best.

Grade 1, 2 and 3 students at Mississauga’s Kenollie Public School took on the design project for the Toronto Star’s Wheels section.

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The school has been in the Mineola neighbourhood since 1956, and it holds a special place in the community. It has 250 students in classes ranging from kindergarten to Grade 6, 16 full-time teachers and about 150 volunteers from the area.

Students take part in a number of social and charitable activities such as food drives that assist underprivileged families at home and abroad.

Their school was ranked as the No. 1 elementary school for the 2010-2011 school year, having been honoured with a 9.4/10 rating by the Fraser Institute, whose report cards indicate how well schools perform in academics over a number of years.

The Kenollie kids, some of them working in pairs, eagerly took on the crayon design project and they came up a variety of drawings highlighting important features such as high suspension and winter tires, because driving at the North Pole can be quite challenging all year long.

They took into account that the vehicle had to be large enough for Santa, Mrs. Claus and their large extended family of elves and provide enough height to accommodate Rudolph and the other reindeer on a drive.

Features such as heated seats and various high performance options were also included in some of the sketches.

All of the artists made it very clear the Santamobile would have to reflect its owner’s extremely colourful character so that anyone on the road would immediately recognize such a festively detailed vehicle.

Here’s what our young automotive designers came up with.