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It?s the first official long weekend of summer and that means road trips, barbecues and hanging with friends and family. And what?s one of the important ingredients for these good times? Music! has you covered on that front. We’ve just launched our Rdio playlists for all your summer drives and moods. Thanks to everyone who suggested the songs they love to drive to, we have created a few different playlists within Rdio for you to enjoy.

a very cool streaming music service from the co-creator of Skype, is offering music lovers up to six months of free music on the web or Rdio?s desktop apps for Mac and Windows. New listeners can sign up and activate free streaming at, no credit card required, then dive right into’s playlists and Rdio?s library of more than 20 million songs. With Rdio, you can:

? Choose from over 20 million songs, without ads
? Listen free on the web for up to six months, depending on how many songs you stream
? See and hear what your favorite artists are listening to
? Discover new music by following friends and tastemakers (such as
? Create, curate and collaborate on playlists
? Share your life soundtrack in real time on Facebook and Twitter
? Tell all your friends about the Rdio Playlists on Facebook and Twitter and use #WheelsRdio

Check out our playlist samples below or for the the full song playlists go to Summer Drive Rockin? Summer Drive Chillin? Summer Drive Canadian Drive ? The Long Way Home ? A Different Road Home

  • presents the (free) soundtrack for your summer playlist provides soundtrack for your summer

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