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What's your worst street?

The Star's Henry Stancu asked GTA drivers for their opinions on our roads in Toronto

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Caution Roch Ride Ahead- All roads lead to potholes



‘I saw a family of four in a Toyota Tercel disappear into a pothole on the Allen Rd. north of the 401. They really bounced from the impact and then stopped and got out to take a look.?

Stuart Muir, tow-truck driver


?I broke a couple of pieces of glass and a front wheel on Albion Rd. between Islington and Elmhurst Dr. two weeks ago. I?d forgotten about that particular pothole and it got me the second time I went through it.?

Mike Thomas, glazier


?(Dundas St. W.) is brutal this year, with more holes than road. I just had my car fixed because the sway bar broke from the wear and tear of all the bumps.?

Bree Osborne, sales rep


?The main street in Toronto (Yonge) should be the best street, but it is one of the worst in the city. It is in very bad shape, with holes and bumps, and it?s slow day and night because it is always in a mess.?

Kulwinder Singh, limo driver


?The roads around the hospitals are really bad, and Gerrard St. near Yonge is one of the worst. It?s nothing but potholes and it has been like that for years,? he said. ?I think the damage to the front axel of this truck is due to potholes.?

Vincent Bailey, delivery driver


?The roads downtown are some of the worst in the city, because of all the condo construction and road wear done by big trucks and pavement cuts ? but also due to the very bad winter. Richmond St. is very bad.?

Dariush Mozarmi, taxi driver


?This was my first winter driving a bus, and a lot of people have told me it was the worst they can remember. We have to drive carefully and slow because we carry children.?

Mehsati Dari, school bus driver

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