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Viper SRT releases first ever TV ad, and man is it cool

Automaker breaks marketing tradition by advertising SRT on television. And now you're going to want one

“Mom, I need a raise in my allowance. And two more part-time jobs.”

Young men like the one who gets a cameo in this evocative Viper SRT ad (watch video, below), featured on Carbuzz, are not likely to be buying a Viper any time soon. But once they’ve seen this ad, they’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about how they can someday make it happen.

That’s pretty much what’s going on in this Viper spot titled Body and Soul, the first of its kind on television: planting the seeds of desire in virgin fields.

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The supercar segment is a small, targeted niche of clients scattered throughout the world.

Most exotic brands would consider it a waste to spend marketing dollars on TV ads targeted at the mass public.

A much wiser approach would be to spend those same dollars by attending shows and events where the deep-pocketed prospects converge with platinum cards in tow.

But Viper is trying a different approach with a new series of television ads aimed at hard-core drivers (and hopefuls) that appreciate the soul of a car as much as its engine and body.

For the pure drivers out there that love what supercars are all about, these commercials are a 30 to 60-second testament of why cars, and in particular the SRT, are so cool.

You still might not be able to afford one, but this ad is going to make you really determined to find a way.

Video: Watch the ad, below, and start counting your chickens