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Video: You think you know cars? Check out these junior geniuses

You know you’ve done a fine job of parenting when your two- and three-year-old children can A) handle a computer like a pro and B) identify virtually every make and model of car on the market. Proud dad Thaddeus Reeves posted this video, below, of his young daughter drilling her even younger brother on car names. And don’t be fooled by the “teacher’s” tender age: she pushes her pupil to be the best gearhead he can be.

Sister: “What’s that?”

Brother: “A Subawu.”

Sister: “What kind of Subaru?”

Brother: “Out-back.”

Sister: “Good!”

Sheesh. Put these two on a team with this young Russian gearhead and you’ve got the future of auto journalism pretty much covered off.

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  • Video: You think <i>you</i> know cars? Check out these junior geniuses

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