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Video: Raging bull attacks traffic cop in street

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Rush-hour headaches are a drag for just about everybody, everywhere. But in the busy little town of Braila, Romania, yesterday, the headache become a full-body ache when an angry bull appeared out of nowhere and charged a traffic officer.The officer was guiding traffic through a busy intersection when the bull decided he didn’t like his tone. He lunged at the officer and knocked him head over heels (see video, below).Passerby quickly rushed to the shocked officer’s aid, Jalopnik reports. We especially love that one of the commuters just happened to have his tranquilizer darts handy; he was able to tranquilize the feisty, 300-kg bull and, with the help of a group of others, was wrangled him and return him to his owner. The bull had escaped from a nearby farm and wandered into town.The traffic officer was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and a sudden overpowering aversion to steak.

  • Video: Raging bull attacks traffic cop in street
  • Video: Raging bull attacks traffic cop in street