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Video: Netherlands’ ‘worst driver’ mows down TV host

Published July 7, 2011


A Dutch reality TV show looking for the worst driver in the Netherlands can crown its champion. There’s likely nobody who can top this.

A contestant on “De Allerslechtste chauffeur van Nederland?,” which translates into “Who Is the Worst Driver in the Netherlands?,” a show similar to our own “Canada’s Worst Driver” series, ran roughshod behind the wheel in a cringe-inducing display of truly dodgy driving.

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The male driver, identified only as Pim, apparently mistook the accelerator for the brake while motoring down a track for a filmed segment. In video of the incident, Pim covers his eyes as his Volvo plows into another car and mows down a cameraman as well as the show’s host, Ruben Nicolai.

The collision was bad enough to mangle the windshield and activate the airbags.

Astonishingly, the driver as well as the two female passengers in the car weren’t seriously injured.

The host of the show spent some time in the hospital, but he, too, was okay.

Watch the video below:

Via: Autoblog

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