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Video: Kia hamsters lose weight with Gaga

Published August 26, 2013


Kia has gone all out with its ad for the new urban crossover, Soul, employing superstar Lady Gaga, no less, for the soundtrack.

Focusing on the fact that the all-new Kia Soul has been made “sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated,” the commercial (shown below) features the loveable Kia Hamsters struggling to get into shape.

It’s filmed like a mini-documentary, with liberal lashings of humour and scenes of chubby hammies struggling to keep up to their lithe teachers (and of course some scenes of Kia designers at the drawing board) all set to the backdrop of Gaga’s catchy anthem “Applause.”

The trio of fatty furballs is eventually transformed into lean, suave tuxedo-wearing rodents the girls can’t resist.

It’s a cute and catchy ad that will have you smiling and rooting for the hammies. But it will it make you want a Kia? Time will tell.

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