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Video: Custom Bugatti 669 comes this close to disaster

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Who wouldn’t love an opportunity to drive a multimillion-dollar, custom-built Bugatti Veyron?

Most of us would consider ourselves lucky just to come within ogling distance of one of these supercars, which is why a crowd instantly forms in the streets of Monte Carlo in this video featured on CarBuzz.

A car fanatic who goes by the YouTube handle “Fipeux” was in the crowd and shot this suspenseful video, in which a dealership driver attempts to back the one-of-a-kind Bugatti 669 edition  into the showroom at RM AutoSport. The excitement quickly turns to alarm, however, when the driver gets stuck and comes within millimetres of disaster.

CarBuzz reports this particular car has already been spotted elsewhere in Europe, so it’s unclear why the behemoth is back in the showroom, but whatever the reason, its owner probably wasn’t expecting this to happen to it while it was there.

Video: What’s that sick scraping sound?

  • Video: Custom Bugatti 669 comes <i>this close</i> to disaster
  • Video: Custom Bugatti 669 comes <i>this close</i> to disaster