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Truck in the left lane: What's wrong with this picture?

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I was on my way down Highway 404 and the Don Valley Parkway to media day at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto on Thursday with my dash camera rolling.

As most of you know, there are always plenty of strange antics to witness from drivers in the GTA.

One of the stunts I filmed while heading south on the DVP was a trucker driving at well over the posted speed limit at times and driving in the left lane where the signs clearly state that trucks over 6.5 metres in length are not allowed to travel in.

See the truck in the video below:

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There was no reason for this type of irresponsible driving from this trucker. He made it down to the Gardiner Expressway at about the same time I did. He would have only saved seconds compared to driving his truck in the middle or right lane.

Please note my dash camera does not require me to touch it or move it in anyway while I am driving. I simply turn it on before heading out on the road and shut it off at my destination.

When you talk to truckers they like to reiterate that they are professionals and better trained than motorists. Truckers should get more training as they have a large responsibility to deliver goods and services in a safe manner. When you are in charge of anywhere from 10,000 to 60,000 lbs. of moving mass, you should be more responsible. That amount of kinetic energy can do a tremendous amount of damage in an incident.

Unfortunately, to say you are better trained than the motorists who were taught and tested in Ontario isn’t saying very much. We all know driver training in Ontario is, to say the least, minimal.

Nonetheless, if truckers like to boast about their professionalism, they should be setting a good example for the lesser trained motorists of our roads. When they blatantly break the rules by driving where prohibited it sets a very bad example and gives all truckers a bad name.?This was not the only time I have seen truckers doing this. It is only the first time I have caught it on camera.

There are reasons why trucks are banned from the left lane on some highways. There are reasons why truckers shouldn?t drive big trucks as if they were sports cars. When things go wrong on the road they cannot quickly stop or make avoidance maneuvers like a small car. When a truck is involved in a crash, things get very ugly.

Now I know I will hear from truckers who will blame everything on motorists. Many times it is the motorists who are screwing up. As mentioned before, motorists get minimal training.

As such, it falls onto the better trained professionals, the truckers, to drive expecting the worst from motorists. After all, that is what being a professional is all about.

Now, before any readers chastise me for driving in the middle lane, there is a reason. I drive the vast majority of the time in the right lane. At this section of the southbound DVP, there are exits and entrances from Don Mills Rd. which cause the right lane to slow quite often. Then there is the exit to Bayview which tends to back up the right lane also. So for this stretch of road, I do move into the middle lane to miss those congested points.

Hopefully one day the police will catch wind of this driver and remind him of the rules.

  • Truck in the left lane: What's wrong with this picture?

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