This wheelchair freestyler will blow you away

Video: Aaron Fotheringham does not understand the word 'can't'

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Born with Spina Bifida, 22-year-old Aaron Fotheringham isn’t like the other kids. He is tougher. He is crazier. He is more determined.

As a young teen, Fotheringham enjoyed watching his brother ride in the BMX park. But soon, just watching wasn’t good enough for his adventurous spirit. So when his brother suggested that he try out the park in his chair, he eagerly gave it a go.

The addiction struck hard and the nickname Wheelz stuck, and pretty soon, Fotheringham was competing in BMX competitions. Wheelz is now part of the Nitro Circus touring show.

Oh, and if the sound bites in this video are any indication, Wheelz also has one heck of  a sense of humour!

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