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This is why we have racing laws in Canada

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Driving can sometimes feel like a sport but please keep in mind you’re not on a race track and you are not the next Valentino Rossi.

With summer weather on full approach please keep watch for those stunt drivers (motorcycles and cars) out there who put their lives and the lives of others at risk with dangerous street racing. We here at Wheels do not condone this behavior and want to remind our readers of the dangers of speeding.

Transportation Canada states that “speeding is a factor in about 25% of deaths from vehicle crashes”. The Canadian Safety Council states that a US study found that “states that had increased their speed limits to 75 mph (120km/h) experienced a shocking 38 per cent increase in deaths per million vehicle miles”.

Street Racing and aggressive driving convictions in Canada can lead to a $10,000 fine, immediate driver’s license suspension, seven-day vehicle impoundment and a 10 year license suspension.

Don’t be like this driver weaving around traffic on this public road narrowly missing multiple collisions while passing on the shoulder. Be safe out there.

  • This is why we have racing laws in Canada