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This is what Jeeps were made for

Watch a Wrangler Rubicon tame the daunting Rubicon Trail

You see them every day in the streets of the city, idling at stop lights or cruising the highway. But to really appreciate a Jeep, you need to see it in its natural element. They’re off-road vehicles, the surefooted billy goats of the 4×4 world, and nothing proves that better than the Sierra Nevada’s hard-core Rubicon Trail.

In this video, below, Motor Trend?s Jonny Lieberman takes the 10th Anniversary Edition Wrangler Rubicon to the daunting trail. It?s no easy feat and only the most impressive 4x4s can fully handle it. Want to see how it?s done? Strap on your pretend seatbelt and come along for the bumpy, exhilarating ride.

Video: “It’s such a blast, man! I absolutely love it!”

  • This is what Jeeps were made for
  • This is what Jeeps were made for

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