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This donked Mustang is ... remarkable

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Few automotive modification trends have drawn as much ire from car enthusiasts as the ?donk,? or the practice of raising a car and fitting it with giant oversized wheels.

It’s hard to pull off something this exaggerated without the end result looking, well, ri-donk-ulous.

As CarBuzz notes, “the idea of ruining a car?s handling characteristics for the sake of showing off is even more repellent than the formerly ubiquitous” flatulence-can exhausts.

So perhaps you will find yourself despising the fact that someone has subjected a Mustang to donk in this video. Particularly if you’re a Mustang lover.

Alternatively, if you don’t like Mustangs, you can mock this aspect of the video.

Or maybe you don’t like people who behave like idiots on public roads. Purple paint? Showoffs? So many choices? here …

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  • This donked Mustang is ... remarkable