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Things Not to Do in a Car: Fail to open the door for a 'Lady'


In this lesson, we enlist Lady Gaga herself to remind gentlemen that chivalry is not dead.

It may be trying to die, but by golly, Gaga will not let it. Not when there is a single, long, drawn-out, drama-queen breath left in her barely clothed body.

In a GIF that is rapidly going viral, Lady Gaga is seen leaving the VMAs Sunday night, escorted by the usual phalanx of bodyguards and security, one of whom apparently wants to be fired, because he fails to open her majesty’s door for her. Gaga’s hilarious “Fine, I’ll do it myself — no wait I can’t, I’m Lady Gaga!” moment has been made into a video loop that is playing on everything from Stupid Famous People to

Video: Watch this brief but unforgettable refresher on how to be a lady/gentleman right here, below, and then read some other important Things Not to Do in a Car lessons here and here.