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Things Not to Do in a Car: Bus driver fired for clipping his nails


In this ongoing series, we veer slightly off-course to include “buses” in our list of vehicles in which not to do things.

This instalment comes to us courtesy of an appalled passenger on a bus in Singapore, who noticed that the bus driver was tending to his personal hygiene while shuttling the paying customers down the expressway.

The passenger captured the incident on his cellphone, then posted it to the Facebook page SG Share. He was reportedly driving from  Singapore’s Changi Airport to the city-state’s northern suburbs, France 24 News reported.

The video (click here to view) shows the driver clipping his nails while driving, then lifting his hands off the wheel to examine his handiwork.

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The video set off a wave of demands for the driver to be sacked, which he was.

“We have investigated the incident and have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the Bus Captain. He was dismissed immediately,” a spokesman for state-linked transport operator SMRT told reporters.

He did not identify the driver, nor did he say how fast he was going at the time, but the speed limit on Singapore highways is 90 km/h.