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That's a wrap! A look at the popular alternative to paint jobs


Have you ever wanted your special vehicle to look different than all the others on the road? Maybe you wanted your car to sport a fancy racing scheme, or you found the perfect car but can?t live with the colour.

The latest technology in vinyl wraps lets you make your car look just like a race car or change its colour or add display advertising, all without a lick of paint involved. Greg Biffle?s Ford Fusion that can be seen tearing up the? NASCAR?s race circuits is wrapped in 3M vinyl, and this technology is available to any vehicle owner.

Custom paint jobs can range from $8,000 to $15,000 depending on the quality and complexity. The same look in vinyl wrap can cost only half that. And if you get tired of the look or want to sell the vehicle in its original condition, you simply have the wrap removed.

In the video below, Wheels columnist Ian Law takes a look at vehicle wraps,? what?s involved and why it is a viable option for motorists, enthusiasts, racers and business owners alike.