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Take a ride in an exotic car for a good cause

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Wheels and followers often get to read about exotic cars from their favourite journalists. Tantalizing details of how well each super car handles and how fast they accelerate. Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Viper, Lotus, all these famous automobiles conjure up vision of speed, luxury and exclusivity.

At some point in our lives, we have all taken special notice of at least one drop-dead-gorgeous auto. A totally sexy sports car that sounds and looks like it was designed by the gods of hedonistic motoring of which you can only dream of parking in your driveway. Most of us can only wish we could own one of those beasts. Some of us may actually get to sit in one … maybe. If only you could at least have a ride in one.

Now Wheels readers can have that dream ride and at the same time support a very worthwhile charity.

With the help of the members of Sweetie Girl Racing Club and the instructors of the ILR Car Control School, the 6th annual Exotic Car Ride Charity event will be held Saturday, June 2, at the Powerade Centre in Brampton. This is the best opportunity you?ll have to ride in one of your favourite sports cars. Viper, Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, Lotus, Cobra, Lamborghini and more will be there for your choosing.

From noon to 5 p.m., owners of some of the most exotic sports cars have graciously donated their super cars and time to help raise funds for the James Fund. You can have a ?ride at speed? around an actual autoslalom course set out on the expansive parking lots of the Powerade Centre in Brampton (7575 Kennedy Rd. S for directions).

Your minimum $25 donation per ride goes directly to the James Fund which gets 100% of the proceeds from the day*. This organization undertakes research at the Hospital for Sick Children looking for a cure for Neuroblastoma, a cancer occurring in children under nine years of age. Thanks to previous donations and the ongoing research at the Hospital for Sick Children, Neuroblastoma is no longer a 100% fatal type of cancer.

The James Fund was started by the Birrell family of Peterborough after they lost their eight-year-old son James to this horrible disease in 2001. This fund has become the leading Neuroblastoma research initiative in North America. With this form of cancer claiming the life of one Canadian child every week, the Hospital for Sick Children is the world?s leading research centre looking for the cause and cure to save the lives of thousands of young innocent children.

Over the past years, members of the Viper Club of Ontario and other owners of exotic sports cars have supported this cause and together we have been able to raise over $3,000 towards the James Fund.

Those donating can be assured of a thrilling ride. You can donate towards as many rides as you like in a wide choice of super cars.

For more information on the James Fund please visit or you can order your copy of ?Ya Can?t Let Cancer Ruin Your Day?, the story of young James? struggle against the disease that claimed his young life.

For more information on the event or to donate your exotic car, or if readers would like to donate money to sponsor a ride for a child from Sick Kids hospital, please contact Ian Law at

*A portion of donations will cover the administrative expenses of The James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research at SickKids and are subject to the Terms and Conditions set out at

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