'Hero' daughter lifts SUV off trapped dad

'She's my hero,' father says after adrenalin-fueled rescue

It all happened in a split-second.

One moment, Adam Simmons was working on his daughter’s Jeep Liberty in their driveway and the next, he was pinned to the ground.

He’d been working on the brakes when the jacks collapsed and one of the SUV’s wheel rotors landed on his leg.

“All of a sudden, it collapsed towards me … pinning me right to the ground,” Simmons recalled.

Crippled with pain and panic, he began “screaming for help.”

His 22-year-old daughter, Rachael, was inside the house and heard her dad yelling.

She ran out, saw him pinned under her car and acted on instinct — she lifted the SUV off  of him with her bare hands.

“It was just the adrenaline rushing right through my body,” she told CBS Boston. “I don’t know if I would have been able to do it otherwise.”

Simmons was taken to hospital, where doctors told his injuries could have been much worse if he’d been pinned under the Jeep longer. He could have sustained artery or blood flow problems. As it is, he only sustained some lacerations and bruising and his daughter, not surprisingly, has a sore back.

Simmons is still in awe of his daughter’s actions and says he’s deeply grateful.

“She’s my hero for it,” he said. “I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t here to rescue me.”

  • 'Hero' daughter lifts SUV off trapped dad
  • 'Hero' daughter lifts SUV off trapped dad

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