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Special delivery: Stunning Lamborghini Veneno arrives at its new home

Miami man becomes second person in entire world to own $4M machine

Forget about being the ‘first on your block.’ How’d you like to be the ‘second in the entire world’ to own That’s the title Kris Singh got when a delivery truck pulled up to his Miami home  with his brand new rocketship/supercar: the Lamborghini Veneno, one of just three in the world.

The V12, 6.5-litre 750 horsepower hypercar, finished in green accents, was brought to his house by Lamborghini of St. Louis. (Watch the delivery in the video, below.)

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The first Veneno, with red accents, belongs to Antoine Dominic, owner of Lamborghini of Long Island. The third should be delivered to the Middle East later this year, trimmed with white accents, thus completing the Italian Tricolore the three privately owned supercars will be accented with.

Nine more Veneno Roadsters, priced at 3.3 million euros, will eventually be built, and every one of them has already been pre-ordered, sight unseen, by their future owners.

According to the Dupont Registry blog, Singh, who manages a private investment firm, did exactly what you’d think someone who just got their mitts on a $4 million car would do: he immediately took it out for a spin in South Beach.

Even in that neighbourhood, he must have turned quite a few heads.

VIDEO: The Delivery