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Eye Candy: Should a Lamborghini Diablo ever be painted this colour?

There’s no need to state the blindingly obvious here?? that this gorgeous, rare Lamborghini Diablo GT racecar, featured on,? has been painted drag-queen-lipstick pink.
It’s practically sacrilege.
But on the other hand, it is a Diablo, so it deserves respect on those grounds alone.
And then if you listen to the video and hear its diabolic, bone-quaking growl, delivered through a Power Craft exhaust system, you almost forget that you’re looking at a pink car at all. (A pink car with a Godfather horn, neon lights and glitter; all that’s missing are the Barbie decals.)
Considering that just 80 of these cars were ever made, keeping it stock would have been a nice touch. However, this car’s owner is from Japan, where it’s apparently not unusual to see supercars tuned? like this.
Watch the video, below, to see (and, more importantly, hear) this car’s most outstanding features.