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Top down, tunes blaring: Tell us what you listen to on the road

Published June 14, 2013


Our life comes with a soundtrack. We can all associate music with key life stages, events and memories, and it plays a starring role in road trips or even just the daily commute to work.

We want to know which songs bring back great driving memories for you. Remember that time you drove across Canada with friends? Maybe that time you all drove down to Florida for Spring Break? What about those summer weekend road trips to the cottage when you were a kid, or when you just got your license — or just this past weekend?

Email us a song title or a list of song titles  that put a smile on your face while you’re on the road. Send us the title and the artist (remember, many songs have been recorded by several different artists) to with the subject line: Driving Tunes. (The sooner the better!)

Then watch in the coming weeks for a little something to help keep you smiling, and singing, on the road.

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