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Scorched Miura, once pronounced dead, may get a second chance

Intact chassis means Lambo torched by fiery inferno could be rebuilt

You may remember how, back in April, an ultra-rare 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV burst into flames in central London and burnt to a crisp.

It was traumatizing to watch (Miuras are worth millions now) and just as traumatizing to hear the car being pronounced unsalvageable. Beyond repair. Dead, basically.

And now, miraculously, it’s looking like reports of the Miura’s death were slightly exaggerated.

It turns out the Miura’s chassis is still intact with its original numbers, according to Jalopnik.

This means that, theoretically, the car could be rebuilt.

With only 150 Miura SVs, finding parts will be both expensive and difficult and many parts will likely have to be fabricated from scratch, but it’s the kind of project die-hard rebuilders live for.

Here’s hoping they special attention to the wiring. That’s what is believed to have started the Miura fire and is a common issue in the classic supercar.

With files from Carbuzz

Video: Watch the Miura turning into a street flambe while a growing crowd looks on. (It’s much easier to watch now that there’s hope it will live again.)